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Welcome to ADC

Our specialty is taking your snapshots and digital photos, and creating a beautiful, professional presentation complete with music, titles and special effects. You may request your production on DVD or VHS videotape.

Our presentations are great gifts and can be shown at rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, birthday parties, family gatherings and team or club events.  Collect photos of your family reunion and send a DVD to everyone who attended.

Document a project such as the building of a house.  Enjoy a season of cheerleading activities with bus rides, practice, games, etc.

Its all about emotion.  You can be sure that when family and friends watch the video, there will laughter and tears as everyone takes a trip down memory lane.

Why ADC?

Putting some pictures on the screen with music in the background is one thing. Since 1998, weve been producing professional videotapes and DVDs that captivate you and take you on a journey filled with memories.

Take a trip through life, made possible by a great team...ADC and you!


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